CVU, Cluster Verification Utility


The Cluster Verification Utility (CVU) performs system checks on the nodes in your RAC. Run CVU before installing GI to ensure your nodes are RAC compliant. Run afterward to check your compliance status.

CVU must be run as the grid user. If the GI is not installed run CVU from your software files dir (Ex: /u01/orasw/grid) otherwise run it from the $ORACLE_HOME. Replace lnx01,lnx02 with your nodes hostnames.

CVU is included with the GI installation. The stand-alone CVU download here. Most all recent patches have the .rpm to install CVU also.

Status Check

$ORACLE_HOME/ stage -post crsinst -n lnx01,lnx02 -verbose

Create Output File
> /tmp/cvu.$HOSTNAME.$(date "+%Y%m%d%H%M").out
Add this to your command line to pipe output to a file.

Installation Checks

 -- Installation: Preinstall
 $ORACLE_HOME/ stage -pre crsinst -n lnx01,lnx02 -verbose
 If Home not set yet example:
 /u01/orasw/grid/ stage -pre crsinst -n lnx01,lnx02 -verbose

 -- Installation: Post Install
 $ORACLE_HOME/ stage -post crsinst -n lnx01,lnx02 -verbose

 -- Installation: Preinstall New Node
 $ORACLE_HOME/ stage -pre nodeadd -n lnx03 -verbose

General Verification Use

 -- Cluster File System
 $ORACLE_HOME/ stage -pre cfs -n lnx01,lnx02 -s /dev/sdd5

 -- Component: acfs,asm,clumgr,crs,dhcp,dns,gns,gpnp,ha,nodeapp,ocr,ohasd,olr,scan,software,vdisk
 $ORACLE_HOME/ comp <Component> -n lnx01,lnx02 -verbose
 $ORACLE_HOME/ comp asm -n lnx01,lnx02 -verbose

 -- Connectivity
 $ORACLE_HOME/ comp nodecon -verbose
 $ORACLE_HOME/ comp nodereach -n lnx01,lnx02 -verbose

 -- Network
 $ORACLE_HOME/ stage -post hwos -n lnx01,lnx02 -verbose

 -- Storage
 $ORACLE_HOME/ comp freespace -n lnx01,lnx02

 -- System Comparison: Memory, Free Space, Swap Space, Users and Groups, 
 Kernel Params and Software Packages.
 $ORACLE_HOME/ comp peer -n lnx01,lnx02 -verbose

 -- System Requirements
 $ORACLE_HOME/ comp sys -n lnx01,lnx02 -p crs -verbose

 -- Time Synchronization
 -- -noctss: Checks the platform's native time synchronization service, such as NTP.
 $ORACLE_HOME/ comp clocksync -n lnx01,lnx02 -verbose
 $ORACLE_HOME/ comp clocksync -noctss -n lnx01,lnx02 -verbose

 -- Users and Permissions
 $ORACLE_HOME/ comp admprv -o crs_inst -n lnx01,lnx02

 -- Users and Permissions: Generate a script to configure the permissions
 $ORACLE_HOME/ comp admprv -n lnx01,lnx02 
   -o db_config -d $ORACLE_HOME -fixup -verbose

18c Examples

 /u01/app/18.0.0/grid/bin/cluvfy stage -pre dbcfg -fixup -n node_list -d ORACLE_HOME [-verbose] 
 /u01/app/18.0.0/grid/bin/cluvfy stage -pre dbcfg -fixup -n n1,n2 -d /u01/app/oracle/product/18.0.0/dbhome_1 

The Oracle docs on CVU are here.