Linux Ubuntu 14 Installation

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  • You have downloaded Ubuntu.
  • You have determined the core system configuration items:
    • Hostname and FQDNS
    • IP\Netmask\Gateway or DHCP
    • Name Servers (AKA DNS Servers)
  • You have allocated the minimum resources or better for enterprise environment:
    • CPUs\Cores (2)
    • RAM: 2gb
    • Disk Space: 50gb
    • Interface (1gb)

Ubuntu Server Cheat Sheet

 Select Language: English
 Select Install Ubuntu Server

Language & Keyboard

 Select a language: English
 Select your location: United States
 Detect Keyboard: No
 Configure Keyboard: English (US)
 Configure Keyboard layout: English (US)


 Select the Primary network interface:
 eth0: Intel Corporation 8254OEM Gigabit Ethernet Controller
 eth1: Intel Corporation 8254OEM Gigabit Ethernet Controller

 If not using DHCP - Configure network manually:
 - IP Address:
 - Netmask:   
 - Gateway:   
 - Name Server Address: <Space Separated DNS Server IPs [3 Max]>

 Enter Hostname: ubuntu1
 Domain name:    ubuntu1.mycompany.local

User Account

 Full name for user:          lnxuser
   Username for your account: lnxuser
   Password:                  ********

 Encrypt Home Directory: No

 Select\confirm your time zone: Eastern


 Partition Disks: [Guided - use entire disk and set up LVM]
 Select disk partition: SCSI3 (0,0,0) (sda) - nnnn GB ATA VBOX HARDISK
   Write the changes to disk and configure LVM? Yes
 Amount of volume group to use for guided partitioning (use all available): Continue
   Write the changes to disk? Yes
   Process runs...


 Enter http proxy info if needed (leave blank): Continue
 Process runs...

 How do you want to manage upgrades on this system? [No automatic updates]

 Software selection: (Arrow to move - space bar to select), then: Continue
   Generaly none are selected at this juncture.
   Process runs...

 Install the GRUB boot loader on a hard disk: Yes

 Finish the installation: Continue
 System reboots...

Post Install Tasks

 sudo chmod 666 /etc/apt/sources.list
 sudo apt-get update
 sudo apt-get upgrade
 sudo -i shutdown -r now

Virtual Box (if used)

Install perl

 sudo tasksel
   [x] Manual Package Selection
   Tab [OK]
   Menu loads...
   Not Installed Packages -> perl update
   Process runs...
   Process runs (Installing packages)...

   sudo apt-get install build-essential gcc make perl dkms

Install Guest Additions

 VM Menu: Devices -> Optical Drives -> Install Guest Additions 

 mkdir -p /media/cdrom
 sudo mount /dev/sr0 /media/cdrom
 sudo sh /media/cdrom/
 Process runs...

 sudo -i shutdown -r now

Install GUI Desktop Lite

 sudo tasksel install lubuntu-desktop
 sudo -i shutdown -r now

Full Ubuntu 14 Desktop install requires access to FaceBook! The above lite version does not.


Open a Terminal

 Ctrl - Alt - T


 sudo -i shutdown -r now 🠈 reboots
 sudo -i shutdown -h now 🠈 halts

root Password, Setting

 sudo passwd root